Sunday, March 12, 2006

Well it's been a weird week...

This week has been... different. I had a water problem with my bathroom upstairs and had to have my friend come by and fix the damn thing. Course that means ripping out a wall, and then having to re-tile the whole damn shower but it turns out great as seen here (ignore the walls and light fixture -- they're being replaced)

He's a freaking genius with this stuff and i'm useless as a third tit when it comes to handyman crap. Wonder if he'd take a poker lesson instead of a cheque from me. Actually, my insurance co is chatting with me so hopefully they dont screw me over -- technically its covered I believe.

Anyways, my second job's project was stressing me out but I got through that. There's nothing like pulling your hair out over a problem for a week and a half straight of 6pm-12pm + 10am-5pm on weekends to fix a problem. That's called stress and it blows.

In the meantime, i'll leave you with a photo of my cat Zoe who is currently laying on a blanket under my desk. She's a damn fine cat (fantasic personality -- plays fetch with me and everything) but sheds like a bastard. She's also a bit fat but so am I so I can't throw stones.


Matt said...

I was going to say something funny about the cat but this is a 'family site'. ;)

So I'll just say 'nice tile'!

dave said...

Like the shower but love the cat picture.