Monday, June 19, 2006

I don't post enough

I know I dont post enough these days. NoSkillz has been harping on me lately about it -- I think he's just bored at work or something. Did I mention how good he is at golf yet?

It was a good weekend in general. Saturday Matty booked us into the East Aurora CC reciprocal with our golf club. We arrived around 12, played one of the most enjoyable golf courses i've ever had the opportunity to play, and had an overall great time. I'll let him post course details since he has pictures and scorecards and all that junk though. I'm hitting my driver and long stuff like a champ but am faltering around the greens these days ... a total transition from the beginning of this year where I couldnt hit a ball but could putt the lights out. I had a whopping 40 putts on Saturday on the slickest, craziest greens ever. At least it was fun!

My crap putting continued at the regular Sunday game where I made a total of 1 one-putt for birdie. Of course that skin got cut up and I ended up -$15 for yet another week shooting 82. Really getting frustrated with my golf as I've now got the swing back in order but the short game went to hell.

I missed the PokerStars tourney this weekend as I was too busy drinking with my girlfriend's sister. We both decided that a family get together was too much to handle so we started early. I drank enough to be happy, not enough to be drunk... a good day.

The Toastman will be heading to the club after work to try and find his putting stroke (probably a new putter too). I'm liking the look of a few different models right now but will have to give them the usual tests. If i buy one, you'll definately see the rolling report up here right afterwards.


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dave said...

Poat or not post.....if you have someting nice to say post...I can't becaue as we get older we have many negative thoughts. I enjoyed your post.