Thursday, June 29, 2006

Uhh... I uhh... played Party blackjack again

Well, the donks got the best of me early yesterday evening. TT goes down to QQ vs a maniac-ish LAG and i'm down 88 through 400 hands. My Party account balance is $410 and I'd prefer it to be nice round numbers so I take $10 to Party Blackjack.

Why play a -EV game, gambling nerd? Because I feel like it and I'm bored. I don't care about $10. Actually I intended to go play Craps but they dont have it at Party Casino yet. Playing $1/hand blackjack is a good way to waste time and money, fortunately I started getting strings of wins before losses and started doing 1,2,4,8 betting. I ran that huge $10 all the way up to $75 where I was playing for nickels before losing $25 back and cashing out $50.

How bored do I have to be to play $1 blackjack? seriously.

Anyways, I won another couple bucks back at the poker tables and got just short of even for the day. Couple hands of 100NL on a good table helped. Looking forward to moving up and using whole dollar numbers as bet sizes again :)

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jk said...

I’ve always been sceptical about gambling. At University friends did a lot in the casinos in the city and lost a load of cash to some dodgy people and places. But eventually a friend said “Play online casino”, and I agreed to give it a go (after about four hours and debating the risks). So I signed up and played my first game of online casino blackjack, I lost but it was fun! Kept playing and was lucky enough to break even until I got the hang of it!
Has anybody got any tips or any success stories?