Monday, June 26, 2006

Thank God For Mondays

This weekend was the most tiring in history. Here's how it played out.

Friday I join NoSkillz and Harry for a round at the club, I shot 82 but saw some improvements in certain areas... bad score but there's HOPE.

Saturday morning we played same group + Gary and I shot a 79 which is better than I have been lately. This was an early 7:07 tee time and I was tired from playing online poker the night before till 1am. Ugh... lost $85 in that session when I got it All-In Pre-flop with QQ v a guy with AJ (not my normal line but he was a fish)... Damn you ace on the turn. Playing good poker, FYI. Anyways, Saturday afternoon I got all dressed up and went to a wedding for a friend of my girlfriend. I knew nobody there but by dinner I had them all talking about golf and poker. Surprised? Heh. Got home late that evening and woke up for a Sunday tee time of 7:45.

Now, Sunday was weird. I'm having a good round on the course (for me), 2 over on the front with a double bogey, and I'm one over on the back with a double bogey for +3 through 15. On the 16th hole I hit my tee shot and am walking up the fairway when Jeff of the Pro Shop comes driving up. "Anyone want to play the Niagara Cup at Port Colborne?"... they all point to me and I consider my afternoon options (none) so agree to go. I'm whisked off to my car and off I go to join the club's team in a 2-man scramble.

They've already started to play so I meet my bud Gary on the 3rd. He's one down at the time and we battle back to even. We then steal a par on a badly played tee shot on both of our parts on a short par 4 to stay even. The other team was by no means as good as us tee to green, but they were deadly anywhere near one. They steal a birdie on the 8th hole (15 footer) when Gary and I cannot make a 12 footer from a similar spot. We lip out on the 9th for the tie and lose the front.

The back nine we start off hot with birdies but they're keeping up. On the par 3 12th (I think) my ball comes to rest about 9 ft from the pin and they're off the green. Their chips come to rest 10-12 ft away and they MAKE THEIR PUTT for a par. We don't convert (these greens were tough to read for some reason) and we're still even.

On the Par-5 13th, the other team's approach comes up short. Gary lays up and I hit a beautiful rescue from 230 that's dead on the pin. Hop, skip and a jump and it's over the back... should have stuck thats just bad luck. Our chips leave us 8 ft and again we don't make the putt while the other team gets up and down to take the lead.

On the 14th the other team is 15 ft for birdie and make it. Then I make a 12 foot uphill putt for birdie to tie. The 15th we chip in to make the match even after my approach was too long and Gary's too short to make the back nine even. The 16th I hit my rescue straight (NEVER!) and into the water on the right -- was playing my normal draw/hook with that club). Gary leaves us in fine position and we lay up to 110 for our 3rd shots. Then, my wedge again flies too far. Gary's lands perfectly but does not stop at all and we've got 20 feet on a brutal slope for birdie. The other team again gets up and down and we miss our circus-putts to be one down again.

The 17th is a long par 3. I hit too much draw and end up in a bad lie in the trap left. Gary ends up in the middle of the bunker right (DOH) and the other team is on the back of a tough green. I hit a good sand shot to 4 ft, the other team 3-putts and we make ours.

On the 18th the other team both hook their drives into the trees. I throw my driver into prime position (again) and we've got 180 into the pin. The other team magically pulls a shot out of their butt (damn lucky bastards) and end up just short of the green. My approach is long, gary (fighting his hook) ends up way right. We fail to chip-in and the other team chips to gimme position and this match is done. We lose, ugh. Nasty.

If Gary and I had out putters hot we could have kept this match tighter but as-is the other team beat us moreso than we lost. They were totally solid around the greens leaving no room for errors on our parts although we were always on the fairways and hit most greens.

For my golf game here's whats up:

My driver is great... near perfect.
My long irons are mostly good... bit of room for improvement in consistancy of ball striking
My Short irons are good, going after pins
My chipping is bad... can't get used to weights and my wedge isnt checking anymore. need a new one probably.
My putting is so-so.

So as you can see, its my short game that needs work. I definately didn't play badly with Gary which makes me feel better -- hate to let other people down in a match like this.

I then slept from 8pm Sunday till this morning. Yes, tired. You should see my golf tan!

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