Monday, June 05, 2006

Week-end Update: June 3, 2006

The weekend was OK. The guys bailed on Saturday for whatever reasons to do their various things, plus it rained, so no golf for me.

Sunday I played horribly though I'm convinced my golf swing is close to workable again.

Here's my key right now... My swing this year has been inconsistant in all ways. Hook, cut, thin, fat, never the same strike twice or the same tempo. On the range this week I found that adopting an old Ben Hogan swing key helped quite a bit. That is to turn the right knee in slightly before the swing. This produces a right side which is totally stable and prevents "swaying".

Unfortunately, this still didn't help me produce a score better than 83 on Sunday. I hate golf.

Harry and I will be deciding this week who goes to Pennsylvania for a tournament on Sunday. We'll see.

Poker has been fine. Been taking shots at 2/4 6max and playing some 1/2 6-max still. Making $$, it's ok.

Boring post huh? Sorta boring weekend... what can I say?


Toast said...

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Matt said...

Finally allowing comments again, you 'secret handshaking motherf*&#er?'