Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Weekend in G+P - June 14-16

Yep, 3 day weekend, I took monday off.

No poker this weekend, for all you card-nuts.

I'll start this fine post with one of my favorite scenes from a fantastic movie

Ok now down to business.

Played Saturday early early with Harry @ Whirlpool. I played like poop, hitting the drivers left and low and putts were missing left and right. Harry slaughtered me in a match 3&2. Down one breakfast at the club, which i'll mark down as a lunch in terms of wagering updates. I shoot 86.

Played my defending Langley Cup match Sunday vs. Gary. Now, going into this match after playing like shit the day before was not exactly a good thing. I laid 3:1 against myself with the girlfriend because I felt like I didn't have it. That's the one bet I would have had the best of this weekend, as I got murdered 6&4. Again, left left left with the driver and the putter was just brutal on near-perfect greens. My head isn't in the game right now. I suck. I'm Harry. I shoot 84 and lose $10 on the skins and my pride in my golf game entirely.

Monday I drove up to Sunningdale for a fun round on their Stanley Thompson course, part of a reciprocal deal that our club is part of. Course had a few weak holes but a lot of great ones, and was manicured perfectly. Overall we had fantastic weather. Funny enough on this day my driver was OK for the most part (couple left's) but my 100 yards and in game was a little weak. Took 4-5 shots 4 times to get down within 100 yards, and that is not a recipe for good scores. I shoot 82 but had fun.

Overall Wagers:

+$104 Live Poker
Even - Lunches
+$17 skins
-$4 side-bets

That's it folks. I suck at golf again. Was good while it lasted. I better stick to motorboatin' as a professional sport.

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