Monday, June 09, 2008

This Weekend in G+P - June 7-8, 2008

This weekend in Golf + Poker is brought to you by beer. Glorious beer.


Friday night I again ventured to yee olde card-room at Casino Niagara. Yet again had nothing to do and last week the game was sooo good I was hoping for more of the same. It did not happen. I sat down at a table full of decent players. Not one single calling station or crazy was to be found. On my left were a couple asian kids, one wearing UB gear. On my right was a jumpsuit wearing regular and a couple standard guys. I can usually tell the real regs by the way they handle chips and cards. I sat there card-dead, and it was a boring grind. Meh. I did pick up a few pots pre-flop and generally had a tight image. When you play 50BB deep, all you can hope for is to get your money in with the best hand, but when they're paying attention to your image and you raise with the best hand, they fold. It was only near the end of the night that some donks started sitting in, and by that time all the real (>$500) stacks had walked away to cash out. I had to play golf the next morning, so I left down $30 and I'm OK with that.


Saturday morning played golf with the boys as usual. My good friend forever (newly minted Doctor) Dr. K played along and we had a good enough time. Was hot tho. I eeked out an 80 from the tips as my golf swing was somewhere touching on good but couldn't keep it there. I won one skin, lost $4 in hollywood and ended up +$2 for the day (woo hoo). From there I had to go to Oakville shopping with the girlfriend (yes, whipped, I know) and had dinner at my uncles there. It was very nice, a relaxing no-work day.

Sunday morning at golf I played with the A-team and Steve G. My golf swing improved as I learned through trial and error that a swing thought that helps me is to "pause" at the top and then get my hands through "fast". So, swing fast from the top, not hard. I played better generally and was good around the greens. From a 3-over after 4 start I finished with a respectable 76 (blue tees with the old folks though). I won $3 net for a skin on 7 and lost $4 in the hollywood. I then had a brief lunch at the gf's house for her bday, then had dinner (sahla thai takeout) at my uncle's over (many) beers to celebrate the gf's bday as well as his new grandkid being born this very day. Good times. And yet again, no work. I'm a slacker.

Overall Wagers:

+$104 Live Poker
+1 Lunch
+$27 skins
-$4 side-bets

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my condolences to my pal Harry on his recent loss. For a while there, both Matt and I thought he was going to give it a good run, but in the end, Harry has lost his golf game. Posting an ass-quality 94 at a pasture of a golf course was the last proof I need of this. So here's the offer.

The famous 2-handicap bet:
Harry will be a 2 handicap by golf season end - 1:1 odds betting $100 each against Matt & myself

The reality:

The offer:
We will take our $100 each right now, and not mention the bet again. It will be as if the bet never existed, and we will not use it to razz or otherwise torment Harry -- his golf game is doing that already.


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I will not admit defeat.