Monday, June 30, 2008

This Weekend in G+P - June 28-29, 2008

Hi folks.

Quick report this weekend. Played some Stud online as I'd like to learn stud-games a bit, did horribly as usual -- note I SUCK at stud still but I consider it an investment. I then played some PLO and again sucked, dropped 2.5 buyins. Meh. I suck.

This weekend played both days with Harry. Harry has in the recent past been absolutely shit on the golf course. I mean awful, brutal, a total hacker. When I play bad I don't shoot anywhere near as bad as he does.

So, it's with a lot of kudos to him that I say he turned it ALL around in the past two weeks. His post last week about turning it around was met with some skepticism. You know, the same sort of skepticism that is reserved for Matt's driving distance figures. However, in Harry's case, it was for real and he wasn't making it up!

The silly little bugger beat me 2&1 Saturday for breakfast shooting 77 to my 79. And beat me with a 76 to my 79 on Sunday. Totally solid around the greens, awesome with chipping and putting, really unreal turn around. Good for you Harry.

Also, round of applause (golf clap) to Matt for shooting a very fine 69 at Legends Battlefield yesterday. That's pretty sick.

Playing tomorrow morning for Canada day vacation, we'll see if I can take the nasty bogeys out of my rounds and put together 18 solid holes for once.

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