Monday, June 23, 2008

This Weekend in G+P - June 21-22, 2008

This weekend was a golf only one. No balance in the force...

Started off Saturday morning with a seriously awful 42 on the front nine... might have been the early tee time or something. I then chased it with a rather decent 36 on the back for a decent score for once. +$10 on skins and +4 in hollywoods. IM BACK BABY!

Sunday Matt, Greg K. and Jay B. and I took off for the pennsylvania 2-man better ball tournament. Matt and I normally play this one together but with the new blood we split it up. Greg and I shot a rather respectable 72 (two better than Matt and I ever have) though we had constant tree trouble and weren't really playing that well. 4 bogeys and 4 birdies... bogeys in 2-man better ball are awful and we just had too many. Would have been relatively deep in the money without those bogeys, but as played we finished 2 shots out and frankly didn't deserve much better.

On the way home, my blackberry picked up an email from Harry let us know that he missed a 6 inch putt to tie his match on the 18th hole in his Langley cup match. That's typical for Harry it seems lately, his golf game is not improving lately. Matt believes its because he's deeply in love with a girl who has a "special ability" that has him mesmerized. I'm not so sure, but all bets are leaning towards our friend becoming the next Adam R. or Daisy S. in retiring from golf in shame and taking up squash. At least being new to squash he can claim he's shitty at it because he's new to the game... with golf there are no excuses.

My Overall Wagers:

+$104 Live Poker
Even - Lunches
+$27 skins
Even side-bets

I still feel like my game sucks by the way. But, at least I'm getting my scores going back in the right direction.


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Harris said...

OK, enough is enough. I can take the "Harris is shit" and making fun of my goal of being a 2, but come one. You really think I'm going to quit golf and become a Daisy/Rat? You've gone to far. what about your struggles? You haven't exactly been lighting anything on fire the last few weeks.