Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Farted In My Back Swing

Exclaimed Harry as he took an ugly poke at the ball this weekend. It's something I had never heard on a golf course before -- farting during swing that is, farting in general in the great outdoors is commonplace among men, obviously.

Yes, yes, I neglected my post last week. There wasn't much to talk about, honestly. After somehow hacking my way into the tour - it was an awful round, honestly - I've been a mix of good and OK on the course. I'm making a few birdies a day, mainly because I can still putt and not because of stellar wedges or anything. There have actually been a lot of mistakes off the tee and in the fairway, so the short game is keeping me sane.

I wish I were playing more interesting golf, but I'm really just grinding it around. This past weekend was 75 from the blues, 77 from the blacks, and 82 from the blacks. The 82 contained 3 doubles and was plain ugly, but I had a decent closing on the back nine and made money with a birdie skin.

Poker wise, not much is up either. Tis the season for golf I guess, because I'm not really drawn to play much of the two card game except when I watch High Stakes Poker on GSN. By the way, if you're bored GSN has all the seasons of HSP on Youtube over m'yaw. I played a bit last night, ran them over like usual though I had a 2 buyin downswing followed by a 3 buyin upswing. One thing I would like to note is that even the microlimit tables on full tilt are way harder than they used to be. I mean, the players aren't sophisticated or anything but they are trying to isolate me (the live one obv.) and do play back at me a bit post-flop. I caught a few guys floating me so i fired pot sized turn bets at them with my usual holding (air) and of course they fold.

Anyway, that's it. I know, boring... I'm bored just writing it but this site needed something posted. OH, Matt beat me twice this weekend, good for him and good for the rest of us who were tired of hearing him complain all day. Now, if only he would stop taking 45 seconds over the golf ball each time we could get a quick round in once in a while.


Matt said...

Oh shit. Do I have "The Sergio's" now??? 45 seconds? Yikes.

Harris said...

You do matt. We timed it numerous times. You're costing us almost half an hour a round.

Matt said...

Hahahaaha. That's something considering our round on Monday was less than four hours.

Ok. I'll put you guys with faster players then and won't hold you back any longer.

Enjoy your new playing partner and have fun! I'll be in the group behind you and will see you 30 minutes after you get off 18, I'm sure!

Matt said...

Has this site gone dormant? Two or three updates in May? Pathetic! Even Harry is more prolific!