Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Toast Fan Club Meeting

So, my #1 fan Matt is complaining I don't update this site enough. I guess he didn't hear enough about how much my golf game sucks on the weekend or this week via MSN.

Let's start with Saturday, well, I sucked. I played like poo and couldn't drive the ball well at all. This led to an 80. I also made no skins (first donation of the year) and lost a $5 match to #1 fan. BOO.

Sunday I went to the club before our tournament at Grand Niagara to hit some balls. I was trying to sort out my driver, well, it didn't work at all. I sprayed it right all day which is opposite my normal flight of high draw, then once in a while hit it left into something when I had adjusted aiming left for the pushes. A very smooth 83 was coming my way for my second tour event. Yes, I suck.

I have figured out that my driver is officially dead, as the damn thing has had a little crack for 2 weeks that is growing. I'm hoping Cobra does the right thing (A DRIVER ISNT SPOSED TO BREAK ITS FACE I DONT CARE IF ITS 5 YEARS OLD) and fixes me up with replacement gear but I won't hold my breath. That means I'll be playing something new this weekend... what will it be?

Kudos to Harry who of the 3 of us didn't completely suck and shot a quite reasonable 79 to tie in 10th spot. Top 10 is pretty good indeed. He's also crushing #1 Fan and I in the standings. Hopefully not for long though.

PS. I suck at golf. :)


Matt said...

This post wasn't really worth the wait.


Toast said...

Yeah i know, im not impressed either. Thats why i didn't post before, zip to say. I mean seriously how excited can i be about 80/83 this weekend.

I think the post on Daniel Negreanu not being gay probably was more interesting than this post ;)

Harris said...

So true matt. I was waiting all week for a post and this is what we got.

BOOOOO indeed.

And Toast, stop being so cheap and buy a new driver.

Toast said...

It's not about being cheap, I was expecting to buy a new one until someone said Cobra probably should replace mine.

Who am I to turn down a free replacement if that does indeed happen? Won't count on it though, my driver is a few years old.