Monday, July 06, 2009

G&P First Weekend of July 2009 Update

So, I've been running breakeven in poker for the last 10k hands. That's mainly after my bankroll downfall posted about a few weeks ago. So, clearly I'm either doing something VERY wrong now, or I'm just running bad. I actually know the running bad part is true, but the doing something wrong part I THINK might be true. Yeah, I'm a donkey, so what.

The WSOP main event is now running. I have to link to this video of Phil Helmuth doing his usual fanfare entrance. I am pretty entertained by Phil H. entering the circus as Caesar, even he seems a bit embarrassed by it. I give him credit, love the guy or hate the guy he IS something to talk about.

In other news, I was mixed this weekend shooting 84 (Boooooo) and yet another 78. Fortunately I did use that 78 to beat Andy in the Langley cup. Unfortunately I now have to play Matt which is bound to be a bitch since he's a bastard to beat at match play at the best of times. I can't draw well forever I suppose. Should be a good match if we're both playing ok at least.

Oh, and this week we made the trip to St. Thomas again. Last time we got rained out, and this time was no different except we got a few holes in (6 to be exact). They also are VERY sensitive about water on the course, so any chance of rain = instant closure it seems. MENTAL NOTE: Don't drive 2+ hours to St. F'ing Thomas if there is any possible way that it might rain.

Here's a picture (or two) of what appears to be a very beautiful course which is for some reason so clearly evil and cursed that I'll probably never get a round in there.

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Matt said...

Just an FYI but I was speaking to Jeff G at the club and he indicated that if we ever want to try again, let him know and he'll make the call for us. No need to wait for the recip to open up.