Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ivey FTW - WSOP Railtard Post

I'm a nerd in many ways, but I'm particularly a big fat poker nerd.

I'm so sick of watching unknowns with hardly any poker experience win the WSOP Main Event. I mean, yes, it's a donkament but it would be nice to see the most skilled players (pros) win the damn thing for once. It's a skill game after all.

So, I'm absolutely psyched that Phil Ivey is running deep this year, still in with 64 to go. Antonio Esfandiari is also still there. I really like his game from watching High Stakes Poker, the guy is active and not a cash game donkey. Also notable is last year's november 9 chipleader Dennis Phillips. For a donkey of that magnitude (and lets be clear, he WAS a donkey last year (AK v AQ lol)) to run deep TWICE is pretty gross. Joe Sebok, Greenstein's kid is still in too.

So yeah, I'll be rooting for Ivey to take it down but Antonio would be great too. Actually Dennis Phillips would probably be best for the game overall as he's the ultimate 'everyman'. And who doesn't want a bunch of amateur donkey 'everymen' populating their poker tables. I know I do!


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