Monday, July 20, 2009

Out of Bounds

Further to my last post, Phil Ivey, the best 'known' poker player in the world today did indeed make the November 9 at the WSOP. That's pretty sick.

This weekend in golf was better. I did fix my golf swing a bit by changing my setup position. Legs are more bent, body less upright so i've opened up more space between my arms and body. My ball striking as a result has been excellent though my short game is a bit sketchy. I fired a 76 at the club this weekend, not great but not bad given I hit a lot of greens and missed a lot of up and downs/putts in general. Lots of lips.

Sunday was the Twenty Valley tournament. Well, that went about as well as I thought it would. I HATE that golf course, it just sets up wrong for my game and has some stupid holes. After parring the first two easily I hit a driver slightly right down the 3rd, OB of course. My 2nd attempt went left (the natural result of being afraid to hit another OB) and near some trees. My 4th shot was a punch around those trees to the other side of the creek but that ran thru the fairway, thru the 5 yards of rough and OB again. RELOAD, my next attempt at this actually worked and I pitched on, missed the putt and made a 9 on the par 4. I made a birdie on the next hole, a crapload of pars, and basically was 6 over after 9 (5 from that one hole alone). The back nine I played fine too ( good ball striking helps ) but made a few stupid 3-putts along with missing some up and ins to shoot 83. Oh how I hate that stupid golf course. It's like playing #16 at my club over and over and over again, and i fucking hate #16 at my golf course as I've probably mentioned before.

Poker has still been meh. I've identified some leaks but am still overall running fairly bad. I'm not really losing though, just sort of treading water and paying Full Tilt a mortgage payment worth of rake every month. ;)

Kudos to Harry for surviving his 3.5 week Greek Islands vacation, that had to be ROUGH. He came back with a decent 79 yesterday as well on little sleep, so I seriously have to give him props there.

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