Monday, July 13, 2009

This Past Week Could Have Been Better

I don't know what it was about last week. Seriously... something was very wrong with last week and I'm glad its over now. I'll explain.

As my regular readers know (Hi Matt, I think its just you buddy), I've been on a bit of a downswing in poker lately. My stats look pretty good, but I'm losing showdowns like crazy. That started to turn around at the end of last week as I crawled out of my losing/breakeven streak to get into the green but then Friday and Saturday happened. Friday I shed 8, nearly 9 buyins and chased it Saturday night with another 5. This was over a sample of about 3k hands, so no big deal in the overall scheme but damn is it frustrating to lose showdowns this much. I'm just expecting coolers and such. That's not to say I'm playing perfectly, I've done some stupid stuff too but generally those aren't common compared to the old runner runner suckouts. It stinks, I'll stick it out, but yeah, bad week in poker.

On to golf. My golf swing has been a little bit off lately as evidenced by my sweet 84/78 weekend last week. This saturday we only got 9 holes in but I had to be no better than 42 so was glad for the rain to come. Sunday I started on the back nine with a birdie but it went downhill from there as the bogey train came about. After 9 I was 7 over, after 11 I was 9 over. I birdied #3 when my tempo improved due to generally giving up I suppose, and rode that tempo to go even par until #8 and #9 which I bogeyd. It was... ugly. 82. Awful.

Fortunately, I have a tour event next weekend and club championships after that. Also I've got to play Matt in the Langley. None of these I'm looking forward to given how badly I'm swinging at the moment. Perhaps practice on the range is in order to get my tempo smoothed out?

Also last week my Uncle's brother died of cancer. He was a really great guy and left us too early.

So yeah, what a shitty week, nothing worked out. I certainly expect and hope things get better shortly :)

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