Saturday, January 29, 2005

4-tabling online

Recently, i've found poker to be a little bit slow if i'm playing micro-limits online as i'm used to. I have opened 3-tables before and had a reasonable time of it, but for some reason 4-tabling was always too much to handle. Last night, i changed that. In a little bit under 2 hours I played around 450 hands at stars and played reasonable poker. I think i missed a few bets and a few folds, but my brain enjoyed the workout of making moves so quickly and always having something to think about.

The patience required to play a tight pre-flop game can be the cause of boredom easily. Especially in 10 player ring games, my 17%-18% VPIP causes more than a few dead times, but NOT WITH 4-TABLES! I'm constantly involved in a hand it seems, my only trouble comes in when I have 3+ going at the same time, i tend to be a thinker at the table and this gets me the 15 seconds warning from the software often. I suppose as I progress through a few more hundred thousand hands of poker these decisions will get easier, but I can't imagine how these guys playing 12 tables at one time are handling it.

I'll keep working on it and see how it effects my win rate... in the meantime, the bankroll is slightly down as i took a few forays into $0.5/$1 high speed 6-max. Different game, i really enjoy it... but i got sucked out on a few times in a row (rivered) and it took me for the cash wanted to play with there -- back to my 10-max for now.

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