Monday, January 24, 2005

NL Tourneys & 2/4 @ the B&M

So, recently i've been playing a lot more small NL hold-em tourneys. Played friday night 3x$10's in 6-person tourneys and 1x$20 in a 5 person tourney. Split (T-1) every game except the 3rd, ended up a whopping $40 for the night. Basically, i'm improving on reading people and hands and that's really my only goal here.

Was down 17BB in a 5 hour session at the casino (2/4) on saturday, rough cards... it happens. I'm starting to understand why you really have to crush the casino game in order to beat the rake and tips though... One particularly interesting hand I was holding KJo. There was a preflop raiser in seat 4, i was on seat 10, he was UTG. Flop was x-J-x, he bet, I raised and we cleared out most of the callers. Turn was a brick, river was a K making my top two pair. He bets, i thought about it for a second and raised, he reraised and I called it. Of course, he had KK, but I still think it was the right play to raise top two pair when i rivered it. I'll post this at 2+2 to see what the good players think.

Played a $5+0.50 SNG at stars tonight, i do this once in a while when i make $10+ at the ring limits quickly. First time i've actually won one though, as I usually take an early beating. I think i'm finally starting to play well after the flop which is letting me ease up on the pre-flop card requirements. We'll see how I develop in small tourneys from now on.

Really enjoying the poker blogs lately... Oh.. and was reminded yesterday that golf season is really only 3 months away... weeeee.

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