Wednesday, January 26, 2005

OffTopic: Damn you 24!

Seeing the snow pour down, I know golf isnt an option for me quite yet this year. Poker is certainly the #1 way i spend my off-work hours these days, but i've found a new, thankfully temporary diversion. It's called 24.

At the recommendation of a few friends, I picked up the first two seasons of the show... and... well... it's just awesome. The first season gripped me so tightly that I literally wasted the hours of 5:30pm (after work) till 2am watching it for two days straight. That's sick. Fortunately, I had the poker games this weekend and didnt dig into season 2 yet... well that all changed last night. Another marathon session of 24 season 2 was in order, and I ended up watching the first 11 hours of Jack's day. (They only take 42 minutes each without the TV commercials it seems). The show weaves a few plotlines together seamlessly to form one full day of Jack's life for each season, and outside from a few weak family/relationship plots (like I give a shit -- clearly this is to draw in SOME sort of female audience) it's flawless ludlum meets clancy action drama. If you want to waste an entire weekend, rent a season. That's the way it works.

I havent watched any episodes past where i'm at even though they're on the dish right now, I like to experience these things in order. The good thing is that 24 has a limit to how long it can take up my time. Unlike poker and golf, which are all consuming pursuits to me, I wont be going back to re-watch episodes...

Still, I recommend any guy (who enjoys spy or action movies) to watch it... it's worth the step away from the poker table for a few nights.

Made 20BB last night on stars in short order and quit. The `roll is growing a bit, which is good. I'll give details in a later post.

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