Sunday, January 30, 2005

Saturday 2/4 At The Casino - Slooooowwww....

Last night was one of those 'dead' games at the table. First off, I waited for 2 hours for my 2/4 spot. Usually this would piss me off, but they have really cushy leather chairs and copies of CardPlayer at the room so it really makes it not too bad. Upon seating myself with a rack, I instantly identified the regular locals who I've seen multiple times before. Especially interesting was that we had 4, count em, 4 women at the table.

The night started off slowly, letting the blinds pass me 3 times before playing a hand makes the people around you (who play almost every hand) a little suspicious. The guy to my right actually asked "How many hands have you played so far?". None, i replied. "I started off slow too, but i played some hands just to see the flop" said the dude. I grinned inside.

The woman to my left had an attitude and a bitchy demeanour. She played literally 90% of hands. If she caught ANY part of the flop, she bet. At least 3 times in the hundred or so hands she played with me, she bluffed by betting and raising all the way to the river, finally having to show her "9-3 offsuit with nothing on the board". Funny thing was, once in a while she caught, and that brought her stack right back up since nobody gave her any respect. LAG at its best... Maniac even.

On one interesting hand, I held KQs UTG and limped. 5 to the flop. Flop comes down 5-2-Q. I bet, called around. Turn was J. I bet, call fold fold, raise! I called the raise and instantly had to wonder what the loose player had, since all i had was TP solid kicker. Figured she had to hold two pair -- knowing she played shit most of the time -- i was behind. River was a blank.

Then, i made a totally amateur stupid mistake. The girl LITERALLY fingered her chips, looked at me, looked at her chips, and checked. Now, if anyone is reading this who knows anything about poker, the situation should have made my move clear... a breakdown:

1. Good sized pot.
2. Turn-raise indicated a set or two-pair.
3. She actually fingered her chips, giving them a handjob before checking.

How stupid was I to say to myself, hey, maybe she was just bluffing like previously, I'm holding presumably TPTK so put that bet in. And i bet. Of course, she raised, had two pair (the very quality J-2 offsuit starting hand), and i lost the pot.

What pisses me off is not that a LAG caught two pair with shitty cards. This is to be expected. What pisses me off is that I was stupid enough to throw two whole big bets away when all the indicators pointed to her having me beaten. That's amateur, stupid shit and I was pissed at myself for a good 20 minutes over it. The money isnt the problem it's the fact that I ignored what was in front of me and what my gut said. That's just a recipe for losing money, or definately not maximizing profits.

Anyways, I was never down more than 6BB or up more than 4BB all night. It was a dogfight and I got serious respect on my raises for the most part. On at least 3 hands, I never had to show the cards since the play never passed the turn. Usually at a 2-4 that's unheard of. Unfortunately, i never took the opportunity to bluff to make some cash off of this image, but it's pretty interesting to see people lay down at this game. Both times i had the best hand though, so it definately didnt make me any money.

An interesting observation, when the number two hits the board, a seven is always close behind. I always see 7's and 2's together.. perhaps its just that i notice it often.

Looking forward to the monday night 1/2 tomorrow... i really need to crush a game to feel better about my game right now. I think my tight-agressive game is really coming together and i'm making good plays, but the cards have not been with me lately. Will report back afterwards.


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I hate to play against maniacs, they win with shitty cards, again and again.