Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Usual Monday Night Game

A few months back, a golf buddy of mine and fellow poker student decided to host a weekly poker game on Monday nights. Actually, the nice thing about it is that now I no longer dread Mondays. Anyways, we play a 6-8 person 1/2 limit game along with $5 SNG's.

Personally, I find the blind structure to move way too fast causing people to either fold or go all-in. There is very little chipping away at stacks. Starting at 1500 in chips, blinds go 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400, 400/600, 600/1200, 800/1600 and so on. Problem is, they move 9 minutes at first, then 8... 7... 6... and in the end heads up it really comes down to sheer luck on shitty cards like Q-7 v 5-8. Still, I do ok in the game... placed 2nd ($0 down 10), split 1st ($10/$20 up $5), 1st (up $20), and 4th (down $5).

Also made a whopping $6 at the limit game.

I just dont know what to say... right now i'm finding the B&M 2/4 a little slow, the monday night game is fun but again, a little slow, and 3-tabling micro-limits on stars (0.25/0.50) is a little too easy. Really enjoy SNG's online along with low-buyin tourneys, but i dont play them often as I dont want to have to reload soon. My concern really should be building a large online bankroll, but I think i have to jump a limit to make anything worthwhile.

Hmm... i think i'm rambling about stuff nobody cares about now... braindump. :)

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