Monday, July 17, 2006

That Weekend Was Whack, Yo

This weekend was just messed up, really. First, I went out to hit balls and play a few holes friday evening and found that I couldn't control my golf ball worth a damn. I'm hitting freaking fades when I normally hit a draw, that's really really scary. Plus my tempo and stuff is all out of whack. I ended up hitting a crapload of golf balls and still couldn't hit one so I knew Saturday morning was going to suck. I then lost 3 buyins at 50NL on Party (mostly got my money in good and didn't get bothered by it).

Saturday morning I awake to balmy "feels like mid 90's at 7am weather". Of course, it only got hotter so I sweated through my shirt before the 4th. Anyhoo, I could barely play the game and shot a fantabulous 85 doubling the last two holes. Damn i'm good. -$15 in wagers.

Anyways, after that massacre I went to a wedding reception that evening at a local Italian club. Around 150 people, huge meal, great drinks, beautiful. I wouldn't say I drank a lot but I had enough to stay happy. That's wedding #3 of 5 for this season down. Matty "NoSkillz" shindig is in October and i'm very much looking forward to it as they're going very trendy upscale it sounds like. Damn he's good.

Sunday no golf because the Auction Pool tournament was on at the club and we couldn't get on anywhere else... plus it's hotter than hell here right now. I spent the day programming for my Toronto company and 2-tabling 50NL on party where I won back a bit of money. Seems like when I get my money in good i'm doomed, and when I get it in behind I suck out. It's so f'in rigged. Found a couple new "buddies" too which are worth their weight in buy-ins. Played 1200-1300 hands, I think my single day record. I also found that 2-tabling is easy so I can probably play 3 from now on with no problem.

Might end up playing some live poker tonight to avoid the heat, we'll see how it goes.

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