Saturday, July 01, 2006

Well, I'm Off To Punta Cana

For those that care, I'm away for 7 days to the Dominican Republic. Don't ask why I'm going there in the summer I couldn't justify it myself. It's for a wedding for good friends of ours and should be a good time overall.

Poker for June ended on a down note. After losing a 65 or so at Stars, I played during the day Friday and was up 110 or so, then had a major downswing that evening to bring me -15 for the day. Guy pushes PF (again) and I call with AJ, he sucks out a flush with J9s. Guy who i'm bullying gets it in PF with AQ v my KK and he catches his ace on the river for full stacks... you know... that sort of thing.

Anyways, I still made money and the bankroll is just shy of a grand so I'm hoping things will pick up when I get back from Punta Cana. Hopefully i'll get my golf game back too, went 38/46 this morning, ugh.

Back in a week. Later.

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