Monday, July 24, 2006

A Touch Of Variance

Well, i f'd up my back on Friday on the 2nd shot of the 2nd hole. Finished the round though shooting a 78 (losing to NoSkillz by one -- he always beats me at golf).

Saturday I woke up at 6am and stretched my back for 45 minutes before heading to the course, we only got 9 holes in before being rained out. At least breakfast was good.

Sunday I woke up for the round at 6am again, stood up and realized I wasn't going to make it. Rolled back into bed and slept till 9am. Then i played a crapload of internet poker as usual.

Today's been weird, I've been playing REALLY well but the results don't show it. I'm actually down close to 2 buyins as i'm in a short streak of suckouts. I got my money in bad once, but it was only because I didn't believe a guy with VPIP 25% had a 5 in his hand in a raised pot when there were two on board vs. my aces in the hole. One maniac is just catching on me (he's 70/41/3) after the money goes in, but hey, that's poker. I've been giant favorites against him so i'm ok with this.

Meh, thrilling weekend huh?


Finally doubled through the maniac when I had almost 2 buyins, that brought me to -$10 for the day when I finally retired for the evening (770 hands).

At one point (this is $50NL) I was sitting on $175, the maniac had $300 and another LAG player had $200. Deep stacked stuff. Soon as the crazy took off, the game broke.

Speaking of crazy, I'm pretty happy that NoSkillz took his first move up in stakes. He's by no means bankrolled for it (actually that's laughingly said, he's not even bankrolled for what he plays daily), but it does show some balls which is good.

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Harris said...

first of all, I don't think your going to get much pitty for your back when you go out and shot a 78. Second of all, I don't understand the variance. You play golf, go home, play poker. Where is the variance?