Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Club Championship Results

I played O.K. on Monday, shooting a 79. It really wouldn't have mattered unless I shot a 71 which would have tied me for first, but 71 and 79 are two seriously different animals as any decent golfer will tell you. Unfortunately, the leader played really well... what can I say :P

Finishing 3rd wasn't too bad. I think I made the right decision to play A rather than Open as I'd have had to play really well to make the cut in Open, and would never have been competitive for the title by any means. I think the winner was +2 for 3 rounds and I haven't had a single round this year at +2 or better at all.

Poker I have not played much of, though I want to. When i get an hour or so i've been logging into Party and either 3-tabling 50NL or one tabling 100NL. It's been a winning month so far but as you now that can change quickly ;)

That's it, boring huh?

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Matt said...

The question is, did you get more than $12.50 for finishing third???