Monday, August 21, 2006

No Golf, Minimal Poker

What's going on? Twilight zone stuff here folks. Expensive weekend.

Friday I expected to be a fantabulous day.

In the morning I took my car to the dealership for what I expected to be a brake job, it was indeed a brake job, pads and rotors and something to do with the e-brake, I was $720 lighter after it all finished up.

Then I arrived home where the neighbor had his kid working on our houses (joined townhouses) doing painting, sealing the driveway, that sort of thing. The original 5 hours became 15, and I was another $150 lighter -- at least I didn't have to do this stuff myself so I was happy to pay this.

Friday evening I met at Harry's place with he and Matty, and we went to Yanks in the falls for pizza / wings. Service took FOREVER, and when Harry runs out of fantasy football shit to talk about you know its been too long.

Back to Harry's place for poker-ing, we were joined by one of the golf pros (Ryan), Harry's cousin Jamie, and his bud Shaggy. I bought in to cover and we played $20 cap no limit with 0.25/0.5 blinds... low limit happy poker.

My first big hand, I got it All-In v Shaggy with AA versus his KT on a T high flop. I knew immediately I would get sucked out on, and did. T on the river puts me to sleep.

My second big hand I get all-in v Harry with 89o two pair against his Q9 pair of 9's with a flush draw with one card to come. His Q showed up and I'm down another $20.

My third big hand, I bet a 4-8-Q (2 of a suit) with QT in SB, one caller (harry), Ryan (a loose, but O.K. player) raises to $7. I tank for a bit, and actually went through his holdings to try and figure his raise out. A pure bluff was out, he would not bluff me often as he knows I usually have the goods and there was a caller in the middle. I briefly considered set but figured he would slowplay it so wrote it off early. A better Q was an option definitely (my kicker blew) but i doubted he wanted to play a big pot with me. In the end I decided his raise was likely a semi-bluff with a flush draw. I chose wrong, it was a set after all and i'm basically drawing dead. My mistake was not considering him raising a set to charge the flush draws (of which I could have had one) to draw... if I had considered that I could have called his hand out as it was most obvious in retrospect.

My fourth big hand, I raise AT, Matty re-raises to $6 in position on me (he was a bit tilty) and we take a AQx flop. I check, he checks. If I had not been 3-pints to the wind at this point his check would have given away his hand but I'm an idiot and we got it all in, he had AQ obviously. Mental note, beer and poker = losing money.

I never did win a hand this evening, save one where I bluffed the river with a flush draw against another probable flush draw... I had the A so probably had the best hand. Oh well, -$70 for the poker session.

A fun part of the evening was Harry suckout out a flush with 2h5h against Matty's made straight on the turn, hahahahahahah. TIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLTTTT.

Saturday I had a wedding to attend at white oaks, it was fun. Sunday I went house shopping and didnt find much, meh. Fell asleep at 10pm on the couch ... tiring weekend.

And no, no golf. I sorta woke up Sunday morning after the wedding but was in no shape to play... went downtown for breakfast instead.

Fun huh? Oh, and I'm still virtually breaking even in poker this month. Bloody annoying but its better than dumping huge wads of cash on the donks. I'm not sure if i'm playing bad but my Won $ At Showdown number is abysmal.

Thats it.


Matt said...


Tilt is right! It sucks losing like that on the LAST HAND OF THE NIGHT!!!

Harris said...

Atleast you lost to a solid flush.