Monday, August 28, 2006

This Weekend In Golf & Poker

This weekend was non-eventful really in regards to my two favorite pasttimes.

My golf was pretty decent, as I turned in rather uneventful rounds of 77 and 77 Saturday and Sunday mornings. Our typical strong Sunday turnout was hampered by most of our players being in a tournament and the others falsely thinking it was raining when in reality it was just a bit foggy after an early morning rain. Saturday was a typical round with Gary -- he shot 70, and Bernie -- 74 while Harry's brain is clearly not on the golf course anymore (see: Fantasy Football). Sunday was Joey B. and Dave G... both rounds were relaxing and fun.

Poker is still being a pig to me as I can't possibly hope to be profitable for more than one day in a row. I win 2-3 buyins one night, I lose it back the next. Just a bunch of bad variance this month coupled with a couple bonehead plays on my part (not too many though) make this month almost exactly breakeven. Actually I think PT shows me down a whopping $36 right now and I've still got a few days to win or lose a bunch. As one of my highest hand count months (I've played over 8k so far) it's really frustrating to be in such a funk. My PT graph looks like a SIN wave ... up, even, down, even, up, even, down, even. Weee...

I have paid Party over $500 in rake this month which must be calculated particularly given I play primarily $50nl.


I understand Matty moved into his new house this weekend. There's gotta be a reason he missed Saturday golf, so I assume thats the one. I think Harry and I are officially considered bad influences by Matty & Mrs. Matty (I for poker/golf and Harry for the boss/golf) so I dont think we'll be having any home games there anytime soon :P. Plus, we all know Matty is now officially OWNED. I doubt he'll be allowed to play golf next summer even... will have to spend that time weeding gardens and shopping for fine linens.