Sunday, August 06, 2006

Club Championship Update 2006

Your hero, Toast, shot a poopy score of 83 on Saturday to end up middle of the pack in the annual club championship's A-flight. I then followed up with a 75 today, which puts me in 4th place I think and clearly made the cut. Obviously, I suck huge, sweaty monkey testicles at golf since I shot an 83 but the 75 sort of makes up for it especially given the fact that I was 4 over after 5 today and finished 3 over after 18.

Yeah, i'm a grinder, I learned it from Matty.

Unfortunately, my boys Harry and Matty in Open-flight are out of the runnings (like I would be if I played the flight -- I suck, really).

Hopefully I can have another good day tomorrow and put a bit of pressure on the top guys. I really have no clue what the leader is at so I don't know how far behind I am. I'm guessing it wont be much worse than 4 or so but who the hell knows. I'd like to finish ITM (In The Money aka top 3) if not win the whole goddamn thing but since I don't know where i'm at, I can't make any predictions.

Wish me luck. Peace.

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Harris said...

nice job Cal. Good Luck, play well.