Monday, October 23, 2006

Niagara Railbird Report - Canadian Open - Fallsview Casino - Day 2

Who else but a poker geek would drive down to Fallsview after work (admittedly I had nothing to do) just to watch a bunch of guys play down to the money in a poker tournament? That's right, nobody. Oh well. I'm talking about the WPT Canadian Open which featured a whole bunch of 'name' players for a small buyin (yeah, 2500 is small i guess).

These included:
Gavin Smith
Daniel Negreanu
Joe Sebok
Farzad Bonyadi
Isabelle Mercier
Nam Le
David Williams
"The Grinder" Mizrachi
JC Tran
Eli Elezra
Humberto Brenes

So, quite a few high limit players for such a small event... oh well. Of course I didnt realize the event was running until today, and they already busted most of the names but I said screw it and headed down to railbird because, well, i had nothing better to do.

I walk into the room, saddle up to the "rail" which is well placed for spectating, look for a player I can identify and the only ones I know the names of are "Shampoo" and Vince "Hollywood" (I dont know his last name) from my first Degree Poker tournament. Meh. Of course, then I look at the spectators and notice I'm standing right beside Humberto "Spanish for Chark" Brenes. I didn't bother the dude but he was railing Hollywood's table so I assume he had a runner still in the tournament.

I stuck around to watch them play down to 27, saw Joe Sebok in the hall registering for the next event, and generally railed the chipleader's table for an hour or two. He's got a WSOP Bracelet and Ring sitting on top of his chipstack... dudes name is Scott Clements who won an Omaha Hi/Lo bracelet at this past series keeping Phil Hellmuth out of his 10th bracelet. He was playing a big stack relatively well from what I saw, and is clearly a decent player. He leads going into Day 3 tomorrow.

I'll probably head back to Fallsview on Wednesday afternoon/evening for the start of the big one. I wish I was rolled to play the cash games there but its all mid-high for the most part. Something about the tv pro's coming to town has everyone gamboooling high.


Harris said...

Didn't you have trouble controlling yourself with all your heros only a few feet away?
Why didn't you mention the part about you touching Daniels hand and swearing to never wash it again.

Toast said...

Nah none of that bud. Think of it like going to watch Vijay hit balls at the range -- trying to learn something to better my game.

But yeah, i'm a poker fanboy :)

Toast said...

And for a delayed comeback...

Did you spit or swallow when you met Ben Harper's bandmates? Keep going to his shows all over the world and you might get to catch a 3-roper from the man himself instead of his backup.