Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Protect Thine Bankroll

Well, it's official, I cashed out of Party yesterday. I sort of feel sick about it, but Strassa2 over at 2+2 posted a good article by Barrons on how Party might come up short cash-wise so I didnt want to get the short end of that stick. Besides, there are still quite a few sites accepting US players.

In the end, I moved the cash to Neteller and put $1k in Full Tilt which as you can see is a fine sponsor of this here Poker Blog. They've got a pretty cool 50% up to $500 reload bonus going on so its all good. Played 200 hands or so last night just one-tabling while I worked on other things and made a profit which is cool. Plus i worked off a whopping $6 of my bonus... hehe. I also have rakeback at Full Tilt so that helps too!

Anyways, I didnt play much last week thus the lack of posts. I've been rather depressed about online poker since the USA pulled the plug on the fish tank, and yeah I know not all the water is drained out yet but still... ugh. Hopefully the suckers find their way to Full Tilt and we can loosen them up a bit. I definately gravitate to Semi-LAG play on the site due to the tightass players but I sort of like that so its all good.

Anyways, this month I havent played many hands as I mentioned, but I'm up like $350ish so far. Have been working on some other business related things to keep the income floating.. hopefully they work out.

Shout outs to Matty who setup a sick new Buffalo Sabres Blog to follow his favorite NHL team. I'm no hockey fanatic though so you wont see many hockey updates on this here weblog, sorry y'all.

Thats it, have a good one.

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