Monday, October 16, 2006

This Weekend In... Work

Well, I ended up working most of the weekend. Saturday golf was out due to wetness/cold. I spent the majority of the day working away on my computer on my various projects. At one point, Matt signed on and I asked him to play some poker against me (whatever game he chooses) but he wouldn't. I can't blame him, i'm GOOOOOOD.

Anyhoo, Sunday morning I planned to get out of bed for golf, but when 7:30am rolled around on my alarm clock, I said screw it. I don't regret not playing early morning golf Sunday as it was cold, but the afternoon warmed up so I sort of regret not making it there for at least 9.

Not much pokering this weekend. Played a few hands of 100NL on Full Tilt, couple of $25 Pot Limit Omaha (now THAT's an easy game to slaughter donks at, folks). Just having fun... for now poker's just fun for me and i'm not serious this month at all though i'm by no means throwing money away. There's lots of work to do with my offline businesses and they need to come first since Frist pulled the plug on the tank.

Kudos to PokerStars for staying in business with US players, though how many fish will swim from party over there will be interesting.

Last night I check my email and Party has gifted me a $125 bonus requiring 7x hands or 25x playthrough in the casino. The fact that I have no interest in playing 1200 hands on party anytime in the next 7 days meant I'm taking this to the casino. Went to blackjack, playing $5 a hand ran it up to $180 and down to nothing. Casino games are rigged.

Actually, Party's blackjack dealer had quite a few totally bullshit draws in blackjack. That game is totally rigged and you're an idiot if you think party's not trying to make up the shortfall of losing the US player base (thankfully I was playing with their money). I've also heard they're raking uncalled bets in no limit cash games. Theives.

Party, you were shitty to your playerbase when you had them -- bad karma comes around, biatch.

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lou said...

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