Monday, October 02, 2006

The Party Is Over - *sigh*

Well, PartyPoker announced that the new US Legislation will effectively force them to shut out all US players when its made law by GWB. Wow, that's a bad beat for poker. The monsterous amount of money that trickles up the chain from the recreational player who plays and loses a few hundred or couple K to the better players and even casino players is ludicrous and has been pushing the whole poker world for a few years now.

What this also means is the World Series is about to get a hell of a lot smaller again, since there won't be cheap satellites online for US players.

Shed a tear for all the US kids at college who pay tuition with what they fleece out of folks like Harry who play for fun. Shed a tear for Dikshit sitting on his golden throne in PartyGaming HQ who can no longer afford to screw over his players because he'll just go find more americans. Shed a tear for the Toastman here whose preferred recreational pasttime just got a hell of a lot harder to win at.

Thankfully I'm not american in one way, I can still play online poker. Unfortunately, its debatable at this point whether there will be good games to play online. Might have to make the transition to casinos to find the deep ponds if the fearmongerers on the message boards are right... UGH. 30 hands an hour is a bad beat.

As for how my weekend went, not too bad. Saturday golf went 36-41 for 77 (gross), Sunday was 43-41 for 84 (gross again). Just didn't have it Sunday at all... no excuses. It was fun though. I'm just happy we're still playing golf.

Here's to hoping the poker boom survives this loss, I'd hate to have to figure out something productive to do with my spare time.

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