Thursday, April 03, 2008

Foaming At The Mouth

I drove by the golf course this morning on the way to work. Normally I drive the other way but this morning the sun was out for a second day in a row and so I had hope.

I actually convinced myself there was some chance. After all, we've had windy bright days for TWO days in a row (a new record it seems). That has to take the water out of the ground right?

Driving by the parking lot, there were a lot more cars than usual. But... the gate was shut, pins weren't in... not that I expected them to be but for winter-stricken golf geeks hope is all we've got at this point.

Maintenance workers on-site is a good sign right?... RIGHT?


Matt said...

I'd place the over/under on Friday next week as the best case scenario for opening, just in time for Masters weekend.

Harris said...

I had my hoped up for golf this weekend untill I woke up to pouring rain this morning.