Monday, April 21, 2008

This Weekend In Golf - April 21, 2008

This weekend we headed out for some of the best weather i've seen in a long time. I still have not replaced my golf shoes nor my wedges as planned as the pro shop has not received all their inventory yet I understand.

So, still playing with wedges that don't spin anymore and whose grips are worn and shoes that leak. Yeah, it's budget. Time to change that asap.

Saturday I played with Matt & Harry as usual. We played the tips, and I shot a poorly played 79 which isn't bad given I really wasn't sharp. The driver is a little spray-happy, irons are mostly on but not sharp, and the short game was O.K. though I did fudge a few chips. Was on the good side of our bet (loser buys lunch) though.

Sunday we're back, but this time the complainers turned out to bitch about the back tees. Typical. We ended up playing them though. I had a fairly solid front nine with one double (hacked a tee shot on 7 into the water and one birdie on 8 for a 38). Back nine started with blowing a driver OB on 10 and making double. Chunked 2nd shot on 11, water again on 12, trees left on 13, trees left on 15, and bunker behind the green on 18 for a 43 to shoot 81. -$10 in skins here, bad round. I think I was tired from drinking the night before... no excuse tho. My joints are hurting after the round however... guess i'm not in shape for trekking the golf course and swinging the club right away.

2008 Golf Bets Tally:
+1 Lunch
-$10 skins


Harris said...

You bette get used to getting beat by me. Your going to get a beatdown for the next 4 days, and then as i decend to a 2 your in big trouble this summer.

Matt said...

Umm...are you talkin' to me or to Toasty?