Thursday, April 17, 2008

RakeBrain's LeCheese Challenge II

I love a good freeroll. Maybe it's the cheap bastard in me... yep, wait a sec it's the cheap bastard in me.

The fine folks over at RakeBrain put on RakeBrain's Le Cheese Challenge II. It's a poker blogger only event, freeroll for $1k in prizes plus a $100 bounty on LeCheese himself. Sweet deal and a lot of the big poker blog names were in it. I don't know how I got invited.

Anyway, the game is Pot Limit Hold'em and Pot Limit Omaha Hi Mixed in tourney fashion. You know me and tourneys... I'm ass at them, or just run like ass at them. Whatever, it's for fun so off we go.

Annnd... it's over in 40 minutes. Blinds at 25/50 and I've got a massive stack of $1900 from my original $1500. We're in Omahahahaha land. Three limpers and I complete the small blind for $25 more. BB checks.

My hand:

8h 8c 3c 7d


8s 4c 5c

Top set and a crappy flush draw on a straight board. Well that's fun. This is a go broke or double up sort of flop natch.

I lead for $125. One call. Late position makes it $750 and covers me, I push, the middle caller pushes his 838 into the pot, and late position pushes as well. I'd say i'm up against the straight and the nut flush draw here....

And I'm right. Unfortunately the board paireth not for my boat and I'm sent home in 23rd out of 27 players. Yes, I suck at donkaments. But, I got my money in with the right odds (35% equity) so I'm ok with it.

Thanks again to the folks at RakeBrain for the freeroll.

Shake and Bake.

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