Monday, April 28, 2008

This Weekend In Golf - April 28th, 2008

After my last post was wildly successful in collecting a massive 2 comments, here I am again with another one. I'm hoping for 3 this time bay-bee. Don't let me down.

Those crazy bastards Harry and Matt are at the Ontario Better Ball qualifier today. Somehow i doubt they're playing as its absolutely pouring rain but who knows.

This weekend was mixed for yours truly in the golf department. Saturday I played with Gary and Bernie, both of whom are legitimately better golfers than I am at the moment. I sucked, SUCKED... not that i hit the ball that badly but kept making costly mistakes. Sucked around for an 84 from the tips. Fortunately I came in $2 ahead on the hollywood, tied bernie (who also sucked) in our $5 around matches and lost convincingly to G-money Gary. $3 down on bets. Bah.

Sunday I show up and feel relatively good about things. Gary approaches me and asks to match cards -- but not match play, stroke play. Now, Gary on a good day is 3-under and on a bad day is 77. Clearly he could smell blood in the water in asking to play the hack from yesterday straight up. Well, if I've got to play the blue tees, which it seemed like I had to given the lack of Matt & Harry (bernie rolled over the first day on that one, as Harry noted in his blog) I might as well stay interested outside of skins. Its a bad bet for me though, and if it was for real money (and not $5) i'd want odds or shots or something. Gary never makes a bet he doesnt feel confident in winning, but I like a challenge.

Front nine I shoot 39. The grand piss-off here is that I run +2 on the par 5's and make no birdies. My iron game is garbage and I feel 'off', but the magic of blue tees keeps me under 40 and there's hope. The back nine starts off with a drive down the right on 10, lay up to 100 yards as i'm in the trees and then I thin my wedge over the green, chunk a chip shot, and miss a 2 footer for 6. Now i'm +4 on the par-5's for the day. I'm pissed.

Fortunately, I got over it after berating myself walking to the next tee and set out to bring it home strong. I proceed to par 11,12,13,14,15 make a nice chip up and down on 16 from yet another thinned wedge (mental note: replace the f'in wedge) for par, hit a smooth 5-iron into 17 to 4 feet and birdie it. Now i'm on 18, +4 for the day and hit my drive down the right (again, hit it OB on saturday) but fortunately catch the bunker. I then hit a 5i short of the green 40 yards, and hit a beautiful pitch into a front pin and sink a 6 footer for par. Now that's a solid round given the tilt-ability of my 10th hole. +4 on the par-5's is just shit though, have to fix that.

Win a $25 skin ($15 profit) but lose to Gary who shot a 73. He had it -3 after 15 i understand and then greg norman'd the finish -- poor guy. Good win for him, I thought I might be closer.

2008 Golf Bets Tally:
+1 Lunch
+$5 skins
-$8 side-bets


Harris said...

just buy a new wedge. Whats so hard about it? i just bought another one today. Go to proshop, demo a few and tell them to get you one. thats it.

And get some shoes while your at it.

vandy said...


Matt said...

Here's your third comment, just to keep you happy.

God knows that if you didn't get it, you'd likely devote MORE time to work and do less fun stuff like play golf or cards.

And to think people say I need to relax! ;)

Anonymous said...

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