Sunday, May 04, 2008

Golf And Best-Of-TwoPlusTwo #1

Played golf with Matt & Gary on Saturday. Didn't play well, but neither did they. I got it around in 77, as did Matty and Gary shot 78 and somehow won all the money (match play rocks most of the time). I beat Matty though so break even. That boy can PUTT. No golf Sunday, too damn cold.

Much respect to Harry who qualified for the mens tour. He's Gooood. Also, i'd like to point out that I got a text message today from Harry (at the first tour event) that said... and i quote:

Just saw matt 4-putt up in front of me. He lost it. Yelling and slamming, good stuff.

Good times folks, good times. Thanks for the txt msg Harry. Could you not have got a video capture on your crackberry? That's youtube material baby.

I'd like to try out a new section here at G+P. I do follow the message boards over at twoplustwo to feed my offseason (due to golf) poker addiction, and one of those i read for time killing value is the group of gossipers over at NVG (news, views & gossip).

Our first thread is from NVG: Tony G Gone Bad.

It starts off with a post of:

And a first comment of:

I didn't know him and Clonie were an item

Good times for sad little poker nerds like myself.

I found out this week that pushing 8 high as an overbet on the river on a 22x2A board against a pair of pocket aces does not, in fact, make the opponent fold very often. This pokar lesson is brought to you by the letter T, and cost me a buyin. ;)


Harris said...

The best thing about seeing matt blow up was he covered his mouth to yell and I still heard him loud and clear from about 150 yards away. Then the infamous putter slam into the bag and a leg slap for good measure.

Awesome stuff.

Matt said...

Good times...

Toast said...

hahahahaha lol leg slap