Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Heads Up While Bored

So, as some of you know, I am a geek. Not just a typical Internet dweller, but a computer programming, server administering, Interweb building geek.

So anyways, one night one of my servers was going down constantly so i'm totally unable to get any of my geek-work done because i'm babysitting it. Naturally that's boring so I cracked open my Full Tilt Pokar account. I look around for tables, nothing piques my interest and then I recall a conversation Matty had with me earlier in the day about a friend of his running like god at heads up NL tables. (He plays 1/2, i'm not carrying a roll like that yet tho).

So I find a $50NL HU table and sit against some guy short-stacked. He loses that in 5 hands, reloads. I win that as well, he runs. This HU poker stuff is easy. So I find another table and sit. This guy is less bad and actually beats me out of half a buyin and he runs away. I think twoplustwo refers to this maneuver as a "Grimstar". Oh wait, that's buying in, raising to steal a blind and leaving. Hah.

Anyways, I find another guy and I win a buy-in. Then he rebuys and gets ahead by that buy-in and I'm actually stuck for the first time when I make the nut flush on the turn, board pairs and he check-raises my $8 bet to $24... hated to call it but it wasn't enough to fold. 95o beats AKs, gg. Anyhoo, I take everything he's got eventually. I'm actually not BAD at Heads-Up for never having studied it. I have a pretty good read on people after 50 hands and I'm pretty aggro... maybe this is a good game for me.

And so yeah, thats what a poker geek does when he's bored while waiting for a server fix. +2BI and i'm out yo.


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