Thursday, May 22, 2008

Searching For Rakeback Deals

As a step to building a respectable bankroll again I’ve started to look for a good rakeback deal. Frankly, the poker sites are making too much money. Seriously.

I mean all of us playing poker have to beat the rake somehow else you'll lose money long term. FYI, RAKE is the percentage of each pot that the poker room charges us to play. I know that I rake my fair share each month playing my low limit games – and if I can keep some of it I am saving myself a few bets - It just makes sense. Rakeback gives a certain percentage of the rake you pay back to you, usually once a month. So why pay more than you have to?

The easiest way to get rakeback is by visiting a rakeback site that provides deals with the poker rooms you like. I recently checked out Rake Rebate Review, a serious rakeback site with great offers and a lot of in-depth rakeback information. They have a rakeback calculator that helps you to see how much rakeback you will get each month depending on how much you play and on what level. You will also find poker rakeback articles dealing with different issues regarding online poker and rakeback. But hey, the most important thing is the rakeback deals, right. Money for nothin', chicks for free.

The site offers 30% InterPoker rakeback , you get 27% at Full Tilt and 30% at Ultimate Bet, to give a few examples. The site is well worth checking out, unfortunately they don’t offer any Party rakeback, but I think that’s impossible to find anywhere. Otherwise please let me know.

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I use, it's run by Matt from The Poker Chronicles.

I've been with him for rakeback through 3 sites now, and never had any problems. He responds to questions promptly, and has a website that updates every day with your totals. Rake is paid every month on time, and if there is ever a delay he puts up a message or blog post about it.

As of right now I think he only does FullTilt and Nordica, but for FTP it's a good setup.

Johnny FlopBoot