Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Weekend in G+P - May 25, 2008

Saturday I went out and THINK I fixed a swing issue amazingly. My tempo has been alllll messed up and today i started swinging the sticks a lot more fluidly after almost going on monkey-tilt after a few bad bogeys. Shot a 79 and made two nice skins on 17 which was playing stupid hard and 7 which was playing a sucker pin and I sank a nice putt.

Sunday I headed out for a 7:45 tee time, or so I thought. Turns out the tee time was 7:37 but knowing the guys I was playing with they're standing there at 7:25 on the tee. Fortunately they didn't solicit a 4th and screw me out of my tee time -- yes, wrote me off as MIA even tho i was only 10 minutes early for the actual time. My swing truly is coming back to reasonably solid as I'm hitting a lot more pure strikes with all clubs. I scrambled around to make another 79 this day and win $10 in hollywood action.

Wagers Update

Last Weekend (forgot it):
Side-bets: -$10 and +8 for -$2 net -- yes we're ballers in my golf groups

This weekend:
Saturday: +$13 net on skins (2/6), +$4 Side-Bets
Sunday: +$10 sidebets

2008 Golf Bets Tally:
+1 Lunch
+$18 skins
+$4 side-bets

Mental Note: Harry owes me $4 tho will write it off for his breakfast buying constantly (you da man), Matt owes me $10 from a bet I paid on his behalf and can pay in beer on Friday.

On to the gambling!

I'm taking a break from poker this weekend. Well, I shouldn't say that, poker's taking a break from being fair to me. For some reason I torture myself playing Sit-N-Go's once an evening and constantly get my money in good and constantly lose. Sharkscope says i'm breakeven or a slight loser at them... meh. I'm too lazy to reboot my macbook pro into windows to play cash games for some reason -- need pokertracker 3 because it's the shizzle and it runs like ass in Parallels.

As long time readers of this site know, I used to bonus whore like mad to build a bankroll. Poker bonuses, casino bonuses, whatever. I used to whore casino bonuses at blackjack as I pretty much have the basic strategy down pat but the more advanced stuff I'm still sketchy on. Spent some time reading strategy articles at this site I found at google. Anyways, I decided to start clearing a few casino bonuses this weekend (hopefully I end up +EV at the end). I've been brushing up, and am ahead (so far). I'm pretty sketchy on all forms of gambling outside of poker of course (since they're all casino-weighted to win naturally), but some of the casino bonuses are still easily positive expected value for the ole' bankroll.


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