Friday, May 23, 2008

A Real Grinder

How's this for a sick bet. This kid bet a whole bunch of people at 2+2 BBV forum he could win 10k at $25NL in a month. He has action to the tune of $40k+ on it getting 2.5:1 odds ... and thats a lot of buyins (400 in fact, an average of 12.9 buy-ins a day) to win at a heavily raked game though admittedly the players are godawful at $25NLHE.

Here's a live webcam feed

Here's a screen cap:

Here's the Update Thread

Here's his blog

Now THAT's a sick bet, baby. Good luck to the guy. I hope he makes it.


Harris said...

How could you not tell us you were making this type of bet?

I checked that blog, it's clearly you writting it. Poker obsessed, golfer, uses the word "YO" a lot. Also, check the pic you put up. Thats you sitting in the chair.

Good luck with the bet, make sure we all go for steak dinner at the Sundowner if you win.

Rakeback said...

Nice , i really enjoyed your article :)