Thursday, June 16, 2005

Golf and Poker -- I must like stress or something

Just noticed that iggy linked me, that was nice of him. Welcome to all of you who are first-time readers of this brain-dump from a golf and poker obsessed idiot. You would think I enjoy putting myself through the wringer or something...

Lets get down to the real core of it, i'm basically an idiot. Most people leave the office, go home, watch tv, play with their kids, chill out, drink a beer, maybe even play a few cards online for fun. Me, No. I like to get beat up, then i come back for more. If it doesn't kill me, it will make me stronger... yadda yadda whatever.

At least with poker there is some financial benefit for pounding my head against the table as some maniac caps his J3o against my pocket aces, provided they don't get the best of you more often than you get the best of them. Golf is rediculous, in that i'm actually paying the MOST money for the courses that will beat me up the worst. Still, i play them, and I live a life that's never easy because of it.

There certainly is a temptation to go to the dark side, and stop playing these games, but in the end there is something gratifying about making each step ahead, even if a bad bounce or bad card kicks you back again.

I lost a lot of BB's last night to suckouts, and maniacs who i called down where possibly not advised -- they do catch cards once in a while. Things arent really with me at either game at the moment actually.

Still, I'd do anything to not be sitting here in the office right now.

And now, a random picture:


dave said...

Yes a bit more than random...Dark Side!

Anonymous said...

beavis, lol