Monday, June 13, 2005

I hate this heat wave crap...

Well, I suppose I already knew I'm not a hot-weather guy. I tend to be able to sleep in the freezing cold far better than sweltering heat, but this past week or so of hot, sticky, nasty weather in the area is really bringing me down.

There's something wrong when I have to consume 5 bottles of water on the golf course and don't have to piss afterwards -- this was Sunday. NoSkillz said something similar about Saturday being way hotter, and I believe that, but i'm not meant for dripping sweat just from walking around a golf course. At least there could be some freaking wind. DAMN THIS WEATHER.

Down to business. I played a bit of both this weekend. Beer golf on friday at Whirlpool, then poker on Saturday during the day, and then golf and poker Sunday as per normal. Golf scores were garbage again... i wonder why i play this game.

Got around 750 hands of cards in yesterday, and ended up down 16BB. Got back to 4-tabling for a large section of my day, but my cards were very weak. So weak in fact that I only played 13.5% of the hands, and raised less than 7% of those. That's BAD considering my average numbers are around 18.5/10. Lots of suckouts, evil evil stuff. Oh well.

Handicap is up to 5 now... that's scary bad.

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