Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Survival Of The Fattest

Yes, I, Toast, did survive the Day 1 of the Degree Poker tourney. All chipcounts start over for tomorrow, Day 2, so my total today is irrelevent, but it was around average with 20 people left from our original 250.

Day 2 will be 80 people whittled down to 20. I'd give myself a better shot at this than I would have getting past the idiot-fest that was today. Couple good players, nobody i'm afraid of though, unless they get a huge chipstack going.

I'll give a full report when possible.


dave said...

Good luck on day 2 but this is day 2 already.

Matt said...

Haha...Day two is now Day Three! Your audience demands an update, Mr. Toast!