Monday, June 20, 2005

I actually won something for once!

Wow, what a day. I'm here at work and can't sit still because for once, I actually won something.

What you ask? A seat into the Degree Poker championship at Fallsview hotel in Niagara Falls, Canada. This morning on the way out of my house for the office I decided to drive to fallsview and put in a ballot for their 10:15am draw for seats into the tournament. Standing there among between 500 and 1000 poker-nuts -- who took the morning off work for this -- as they called out numbers from the box, I thought, hey, you never win anything, but something felt right. Around half way through, they called my magic number, 1802 and I was IN. Admittedly it's a stupid freeroll so the play has got to be bad early (which makes it way more dangerous for me). I expect the phrase of the day will be "All In" but who knows. I'll try and pick on some passives for the first few levels to surivive the idiots and see how it goes. Im my 'heat', i've got to make top 20 of 250 to move on to tomorrow's day. I'd put my chances at around 5:1 to get through today just due to the HUGE suckout factor. I figure the next few days will be filled with better players.

Anyways, a freeroll for $100,000 is pretty damn cool (along with a seat to the WSOP). This is a winner-take all tournament, with an early crapshoot format followed by some shootouts then the final table. Second place gets nothing at all.

Now, moving on to other things. This weekend was a tough one from a poker point of view, as I lost quite a few BB to suckouts. No tilt, just went to watch the US Open and chill out. Golf was good. I won my match with very crappy play on Sunday, and picked up a $110 skin ($90 profit) for a nice 5-iron to a foot and a half on number four. Almost thought I made that one.

Wish me luck at surviving the idiots early, either way it's exciting to be my first real live Multi-Table Tourney and certainly my first one-winner-take-all freeroll so that will change the game quite a bit.

I'll be back with an update later tonight or tomorrow.

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