Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekends aren't meant for sleeping...

Well, since I didn't make the WPBT event in Vegas this week, I played some Golf n' Poker. Surprise.

At the golf course, shot a 78 and 79. My game is STARTING to come together, but I couldn't tie it up and shoot a good score. No, 78 is not a good score for me. Anyways, I missed qualifying for the Niagara Cup by a stroke (for a tie) so that wasn't the highlight of the weekend.

Now, online poker i've played for many moons now, but never seriously -- lately... that's different. For some reason I feel challenged to move up online, to start making reasonable bucks on other people's money, and it's fun! I stayed up until 3am Friday night, 2am Saturday night, and 2:30am last night playing micro limits. And i'm nowhere near crushing the game at the moment either. Ahead a mere $40 in 2k hands, that's a whopping 2BB/100 winrate which is pretty typical. The problem is, I feel like i'm grinding to get there. I think the cards have been relatively bad for me lately and it's not coming easily for that reason.

The goal is to move up to 1/2 immediately upon getting to $600 in this account. From there, it's to hit 2/4 upon getting to $1,200. And so on. I would like to get to online 5/10 by the end of the year and see how that goes.

I've received a few books lately, and have another to come:

Theory of Poker - Sklansky - theoretical fundamentals of poker in general
Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker - King Yao

And i'm still waiting on the unreleased but bound to be great Harrington On Hold'em 2. Gotta work up my NLHE game a bit.

I'm planning to purchase the new Ed Miller NLHE book which is more cash-game based, but it's not near release yet afaik.

Even though i'm playing the petty limits and can't apply a lot of this advanced theory yet, it never hurts to understand the game. I'm starting to really cruise through a lot of hand posts on 2+2 as well... definately "getting it".

The poker library is now becoming half a shelf... how cool/sick is that.

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