Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back To Ye Olde Casino - NL This Time

It's f-in hot here. I mean HOT. I think we were one of the hottest places on the planet this week (seriously) and the Toast man does not have a/c at home. Makes me want to go out and buy a/c actually, but i'm too ignorant to actually follow through on that (cheap is the word actually -- lets be honest).

So, since I had nothin to do -- as the golf course in 100+ degree humidity is a no-no for my sanity -- I decided to go for the free air conditioning and fun times of Casino Niagara. Went for a quick bite to eat after work here in Niagara Falls at our local Zehrs (Fried Chicken and Potato Wedges are tasty), got some cash, and headed to the cardroom.

Upon arriving I was disappointed to see that they only had 3 games going, a 1/2 NL, 2/4 and 3/6. Of course, since i'm doing fairly well at NL online now (note that I dont say i'm good, just doing well) I put my name on for that and 3/6. About 30 minutes later they cracked open a NL game and we're off to the races.

I'm trying to loosen up, especially at NL. Typical starting hands for TAG limit poker work, but adding in a few if I can see a cheap flop have HUGE implied odds at NL so they're working their way into my game. We had a local pro at the table, a bunch of home-game fishies, and a sunglasses.

Fairly early into the day i've picked up a tight rep, as I havent played a hand in a while. I pick up Js7s in MP and limp hoping to see a cheap flop, and I do. Flop is 8x 9s 10s. Hmm, thats a pretty good flop dont you think? I bet out $15, called at two spots. Turn is a blankeroo. I bet out $20, called at two spots. River is a blankity blank, I bet out the rest of my chips ($50 or so), two calls. Nobody raised so I figure i'm chopping, and I am. Pro in the corner says he put me on a huge flopped hand and said he folded a J. Hmm.

I treaded water for a bit, then played a hand where I was actually drawing dead with AK on a JT7 flop. Guy flopped a set, turned a boat, and was making bets small enough that I didnt put him on anything strong and at the same time had outs to call to my gutshot and overcards. I figured him for a jack. NOPE. Hate drawing dead, but my table-pro had AQ and was doing the same. I mucked without showing and topped up my cards with a small rebuy of $40. Dang.

Got into a hand with 99 on a 9TJ flop. I bet out $15, one call, guy raises to $30, I put him all-in for another $20 and we're heads up. I'm praying he didnt flop a straight, and i was right, top two pair. Q on the turn but we took all the draws out of play with the flop bets.

I had my stack up to $205-$210 with a bit of grinding, then played the big hand o' the night. I'm on the button with two red beautiful kings. 6 limpers, that won't do. I raise to $15 and have two callers. Flop is 2-3-6 two spades. Guy in EP bets out $10, call to my right, I raise to $50. Guy in EP mutters about me not having a high pair and folds. Guy to my right calls. Turn is a blank. Guy to my right pushes, I insta-call. River is a K.... of spades. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can properly protect your hand at NL, they're full of shit. Fish flips over Q7 spades. Going to put this on 2+2 to see if there is anything else I could have done... that hurt the stack.

Lost another hand with 88 where I bet the turn hard, but should have raised the T-6-6 flop. I suppose that's just not thinking straight after that huge hand -- a form of tilt I suppose. Lost $42 there.

And, i'm spent. Took a $98 loss on the books and went home. :)

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