Friday, July 15, 2005

I think i'm not doing so hot at 1/2 NL so far...

Went back to the cardroom to kill a few hours after work... yeah, not addicted, noooo. Anyhoo, I didnt play any hands exceptionally badly, but I feel like i'm not getting the NL full ring strategy quite yet. I'm not playing the pushy game that my 6-max normally is primarily because I'm not normally the first one in the pot and opening with a raise doesnt clean house enough. That, coupled with the fact that any single hand will cost a buy-in if bet reasonably hard.

Lets have an example:

I have 100, villain has 100.

Couple limpers, I open for $10, villain calls. Lets say its a $27 pot.
Flop is x-x-x (who cares). I bet half the pot ($15), villain calls. Pot is $57.
Turn is x (again, who cares). I bet half the pot ($30) or a bit more if I need to protect my hand ($50).

Guess what, that's me all-in. And those arent even big bets. Thus, i'm going to have to rethink the strategy at this game, since the buy-in is relatively small compared to the blinds. TAG is OK so far, i did lose against drawing hands, but regardless it's a totally different game than my online one due to the betting.

Down $36 and starting to wonder if a Looser Style would make or cost me more money :)


Recommended Books for the Beginner:

There's limit poker, and no-limit. I play both now, but I started with limit and I recommend it for a beginner so as not to lose too much cash and get discouraged right away.

Limit Poker:
Getting Started In Hold-Em (Ed Miller)
Winning Low Limit Hold'em (Lee Jones)

Those will give you at least a beginning look at pot odds, outs, pre-flop hands, etc.

I wont delve any deeper than that, but my poker library is getting stupid big. I'm way behind on reading too. Bah. My two new ones from amazon shipped this morning (yay). Stay away from Super System and the like to start, they're not bad for theory but you've got to understand WHY doyle et al. can do make the non-linear plays they make.

Toast out! I'm tired.

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dave said...

Thanks for the book names, I will start there.