Saturday, July 23, 2005

[Golf] Moving on up in the Langley Cup

The Langley cup is the match play championship at my home course for the low handicap golfers. My first match was tough against a guy who I was giving a few strokes to, and I expected the 2nd match to be tougher still, as it was to be played against Charlie, a regular in our Sunday morning group and the sort of guy who can shoot your lights out.

I won the first 2 holes, we tied #3, I won #4, he won #5, tie #6, and I win #8-#12 to win the match 7&6. He had a rough day.

Moving on to meet another damn good player... it doesnt get easier. It's now the semi-finals though.

My golf game was OK yesterday, nothing special.

Poker has been good. I won a monster pot at $50NL, had a good night last night at $25NL with NoSkillz, and generally things are looking up after I had a few down sessions.

The dedicated poker `roll is up as high as it's ever been, just have to stick with it and eventually i'll play for real money. :)

Toast out.


dave said...

Waiting on the golf news.

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