Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bonus Whoring Stars At 0.5/1 and 1/2

Back to limit for a bit, as the piddly NL tables I play do not count as well towards FPP's needed to burn off my bonus. Have been playing 0.5/1 and 1/2 full ring for the past three days and am up around $190 outside of the bonus. Hmm. That's not bad at all.

Admittedly, i'm actually catching a few cards, though I am suckout out quite a bit. I'm also working on saving bets, like yesterday where at 1/2 I laid down top two pair when a flush draw river hit against 2 opponents. Normally I'll call that stuff, but to me it was an obvious situations where I can save a BB. Normally I dont but this was just too obvious a draw -- idiots. Anyways, I'm getting better at reading hands and checking where the traps are. Best part is, it's influencing the bottom line.

The 1/2 leap is new for me. I'm used to killing 0.5/1 but definately have the roll to play 1/2 or even 2/4 but i'm wary of the fact that a lot of quite good players roam these waters. We'll see how it develops.

Golf this weekend is the Club Championship... hopefully I wont shoot a pathetic score, and i'll be pretty darn happy if I can make the cut for Monday. Winning is way out of line against this field, it's very strong and my game isnt that good, but you never know. I'll give myself 8:1 against making the cut, and 100:1 against winning the thing. That's a long shot folks.


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