Saturday, July 30, 2005


Yes, that's right, i suck. In the first round of the club championship today, I carded a mighty fine 83. Thats my worst round in a long time. Along with 2 double bogeys came a triple... that's hard to fight back against. Wasn't sharp with irons at all, made a few good putts, 2 3-putts - ugh.

It's depressing to realize that poker has officially killed my golf game, actually not poker but more the heat wave that kept me away from my normal practice schedule this year. Conditions today were perfect, light breeze, decent greens, and I still was shit.

Bah, i need to sleep for a few hours then play some cards I think. NoSkillz shot a more decent 78 though i hear he could have been a lot better. Good for him, good to see at least one of us might make the cut.

Bah, wheres a straight razor when you need to slit your wrists...

Getting a bit of teeth kicked in lately at NL though i'm making $$ still. I took $25 to $90+ on a single table last night before the idiots stole it away. Some fucking idiot pushed with 75s on a flush draw on the flop after my big TPTK raise, and of course he hit it. Oh well I was a 2:1 favorite what else can i ask for from this game? Im getting FAR better at putting people on hands lately -- feels like my overall understanding of the game is coming up one step. I'm starting to GET IT in a lot of situations where I had read about the right play, but never understood why it was right and couldnt quite vocalize that on 2+2 to get a straight answer. Things like playing middle cards against a raise against the right opponents and such rather than playing KT,KJ,KQ,QJ,AT,AJ i'm starting to appreciate. Post-flop game is progressing. NoSkillz finally caught a whiff of LAG play when i kept telling him my hands when he was out of a hand and he seemed to enjoy the whole betting with nothing idea -- that's dangerous. I'm trying to attempt all different styles and plays at the NL25 game before truly moving up.

Hopefully i'll shoot a reasonable score tomorrow and get close to the cut bubble. I dont really care if I play monday given my score, but it'd be nice to need a day off rather than just taking a day off for no reason.

Toast Out

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